DJ/Karaoke or Live Band Needed ASAP (Newark, OH)
01 January, 1970    |

This Saturday, February 11th, there will be a funeral service for a dear friend of mine. Her place of employment has generously rented out a venue in Newark, OH after the service Saturday evening. They will be providing food/alcohol for our closest friends and family – up to 150 people. Our friend was only 24 years old and full of life. She was also very into music. We want the celebration of her life to honor her and be a hell of a good time for her loved ones. That being said, we are looking for either a DJ who can also provide karaoke with a list of music we will provide you, or a live band who is able to play some of her favorite tunes.

Her favorite bands included but were not limited to: Hootie and the Blowfish, Creed, Third Eye Blind, and many like bands.

If you are able to perform this Saturday evening – either as a DJ/Karaoke or a cover band, please email me immediately with your cost per hour (most likely a 4-6 hr event), a link to a performance of yours of a similar style band to her tastes OR (for DJs) an artist list of similar bands/confirmation you can do the karaoke portion as well, as well as your contact information. I will be replying to all interested parties on Thursday and we will choose someone at that time.

Please keep the family’s financial burden in mind when setting your pricing.

2017-02-08 12:12pm

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