Looking to hire local videographer's for Weddings
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We are looking to hire videographers local for our wedding company. Candidates must have wedding experience as well as professional level gear (see below for details on gear requirements). We are offering hourly rate for shooting video only with online raw footage upload to cloud storage system. Thank you in advance, we look forward to partnering with you in the future!
Equipment List Requirements:
• Professional DSLR or Camcorder System: Minimum Recording Format Requirements: Frame Rates: 30 & Resolution: 1920×1080 – 2 or more cameras utilized during ceremony and/or wedding day to ensure constant footage available of the wedding day.
• Lenses: Please utilize only professional grade video lenses when capturing footage, ensuring that when zooming or focusing the camera to move smoothly and at a constant pace.
• Audio recording equipment: Shotgun Microphones, wireless lav mics, voice recorded (integrated into venue and/or DJ’s sound equipment. (Prefer multiple audio capturing devices to ensure constant audio recording during the wedding day)
• Tripods, monopods, and stabilizers: Please utilize tripod & monopods with fluid heads; tripods, monopods, and cages for all recording- no hand-holding of the camera.
Lighting: Please utilize fill light in all low lighting situations, if your camera is designed for low lighting environment make sure to have your equipment adjusted and set up for the exact situation & environment to ensure crisp and clean footage.
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