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Hello everyone this is for serious inquiries only.
My name is Naomi Turner; I have a wedding coming up June 29, 2017 that is a Thursday. I am looking for a DJ, photographer, and make up artist I listed the budget for each one underneath:
DJ- 250.00$ for 5hr 30mins
Photographer: 250.00$ being to end 1:00pm-5:30 most give all photos on a USB or CD ROM.
Makeup Artist: 160.00$ 6girls time 11:30 until all make is done then you may leave or stay and network.

Everyone that will be hired or considered for the occasion will have to sign contract.
Also everyone is welcome to network and use all photos for promotional purposes. This is also a LGBT wedding. I know that these are very low prices but we are on a very tight budget and we ask that you work with us .thank you so much ;if you are a make up artist please send photos with your work by email or through text message. Thank you all.
2017-03-13 3:14pm

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