River's Bend Dog Walker (Chester)
01 January, 1970    | 


Hi! I’m DJ and mom to a well behaved, genteel, mature (10 years old) German Shepherd mix dog (85 pounds). I work at Amazon and 10 hour shifts are just too long for my mature dog to suffer through. My WV friend is moving back to WV and no one will be here to walk the dog while I am at work. I would prefer if you could come around 11 or 12 noon. I walk/feed him before I got to work at 6:30 am and get home at 5:45 pm. I work SUNDAY through WEDNESDAY and sometimes I just might have an overtime day of THURSDAY as well but not very often now that Xmas is over. It would be great if you lived in River’s Bend (near Schrimshaw Circle); ideal for student or retiree looking for some extra bucks. Call or text 665-6780 to discuss and let me know how much you charge. I had someone previously but I have lost her number. thanks!
2017-02-13 7:26pm

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