Totally Rad Acoustic and DJ for wedding
01 January, 1970    |

Somehow I convinced a beautiful, awesome, outspoken woman to marry me. And in her great wisdom she has decided that she is better suited for making decisions when it come to our wonderfully badass day. I have been more than happy to offer my two cents when debating venue, flowers, lighting, seating, food, color scheme, invitations, and every other huge somewhat insignificant details that she has asked but as it has turned out, I either am too indecisive or too child like in my preferences. The one huge somewhat insignificant decision that has been solely left in my hands is the music. For this i need two forms of artists/groups: one that can play acoustic guitar with banjo or mandolin accompanying, while singing like an angel as the guests come in and take there seats and as she walks down the isle as i try not to cry. Also, i am in search of a DJ that can spin some sweet tunes after the ceremony. I will have a somewhat particular playlist but am not too controlling. Acoustic musicians will play for aprox. 1.5 hours. DJ will preform for appox. 3 – 4 hours. Must be professional so i dont look like a fuck up with my one huge insignificant decision. Give me reasom why your the person for the job and price. Thanks for helping me seem more deserving of such a hugley significant woman.

Date is Oct. 7th 2017 off of 32 in whitestown
2017-02-22 11:06pm

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