No Compromises – More for Your Music at They DJ
You don’t have to compromise at They DJ. You get More for your Music: the lowest prices AND the best service in the musical instrument and equipment business. Period.
You’re saying – “Ha. Yeah you do! Everyone says that!” Well here’s how you can be 100% sure…

How can you be sure They DJ has the lowest prices?

  • Lowest Price Guarantee – If you see a lower price before you place your order, we’ll beat it.
  • 45-day Lowest Price Protection After Your Purchase – If you see a lower price within 45 days of your purchase, we’ll refund you the difference.
  • Super Low Shipping Costs – You get free shipping on many items – and you never get last-minute surprise shipping costs. We show you your shipping costs almost everywhere we show you a product on the site. We want you to see what you’ll pay because we lose a lot of money giving you the best possible shipping costs. And we never want you to feel tricked when you shop at They DJ.

What are some of the reasons for our customer happiness?

  • New Top-Brand Gear From An Authorized US Dealer – You get top-brand gear, new from the factory, from an authorized US dealer. We occasionally have opportunities to buy B-stock merchandise to offer at special discounts, but we always identify the merchandise clearly as B-Stock or Factory Resealed. Unless it says otherwise, it’s new from the factory.
  • Huge Selection – IN STOCK – With an inventory about 50 times bigger than a typical musical instrument retail store, chances are we have what you’re looking for. With highly accurate real-time information on the website showing you which products are in stock at all times, you can be certain when you order an in-stock product that you won’t face a surprise delay. With real-time information on when out-of-stock products are expected back in our warehouse, you can know what to expect even when we can’t keep up with demand on a particular item (though please note that information on expected future availability is only accurate as what our suppliers tell us).
  • Immediate Shipment, Fast Delivery – You deserve immediate accurate shipment – and They DJ delivers. Did you ever understand why, when you offer to purchase something, some companies don’t ship your order to you that same day? We didn’t! You deserve your order immediately – so we built a state-of-the-art technology and distribution center that’s standing by to ship your order today. And with our warehouse strategically located in New Jersey, retail store in Long Island, and corporate office in New York City, most orders arrive within 2-3 business days of shipment.
  • Personalized Service from Professional Musicians and DJs – At They DJ you get personalized service from musicians – by toll-free call or email. We pay these musicians to work for you: to give you honest product advice and assist you should any problem arise with your order. They are NOT paid commission. These musicians will understand your lifelong dream of owning a Gibson Guitar, and they’ll only ask you for an item number so they can help you faster – not because they’ve never heard of a Marshall Stack or an SM58. They know how to help you because they share your dreams.
  • No Discrimination – Shop by Web, Phone or Email – No matter how you prefer to shop, you are guaranteed the same low prices, minimal shipping costs, great information, and personalized service from musicians at They DJ.
  • Easiest to Use and Fastest Online Store – You want easy and fast – and TheyDJ.com gives it to you. Find the products you are looking for with unrivaled speed and convenience. You can shop online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • In-depth Independent Information – You’ll find in-depth product information – including product manuals, sound samples, and technical specifications. Want to know what other musicians think about a product? Consult the many unedited, unbiased user product ratings at TheyDJ.com.

We Respect Your Privacy
We won’t sell your name to anyone, especially not to people who will spam you or clog your real mailbox with questionable offers. One of our large competitors has a list of names and addresses available for sale at all times. The choice is yours.

Thousands of Happy Customers
Many customers came to TheyDJ.com because fellow musicians told them to. And they come back again and again because they love They DJ.

Even beyond these policies and guarantees, we promise to do what’s right. It may sound old fashioned for a leading e-tailer – but by always putting you first, we’re betting you’ll love your They DJ experience and tell your fellow musicians about us!

Who can join/subscribe to your service?
Mobile DJs, Club DJs, Radio DJs, Radio Stations, Bars, Clubs and Entertainers are eligible to join.
How long does it take for me to get started so I can start downloading after I join?
Your user name, password and instructions will be emailed to you after the account is setup.
It can take up to 12 Hours to get your account setup (usually sooner).
Please check your spam email if you do not receive it.
When is the record pool fee due?
The record pool fee is an automatic monthly payment (auto-pay) the date of the day you joined will be your auto payment date for the following month (every 30 days).
Are there any contracts?
There are no contracts but you cannot skip months. See our Monthly Agreement.
What happens if I pay late?
If you have not paid your monthly record pool dues then your account will not be accessible until you pay.
Are there late payment fee charges?
No, at this time there are no late fee charges.
I want to pre-pay for the year to save money, will my monthly recurring payment be stopped?
Yes, your monthly recurring payment will be stopped once paid for the year.
Are there refunds?
No. Sorry, there are no refunds. If you need any help on using They DJ Music then please email us or call for help on using They DJ Music.
 How do I download once I join?
You may download directly from our website.
Website Download – Login and click on download from record pool tab.
Do I have to rate each song before I download?
No. All songs are available for immediate download (no ratings).
Can I preview the MP3 music audio before I download?
Yes, you can preview the MP3 music audio before you download.
 Can I search the MP3 music audio to find a song? 
Yes, you can search the MP3 music audio to find a song.
 What is the quality of the MP3′s They DJ Music has? 
All MP3′s Are High Quality: MP3 320 kbps 44.100 kHz Constant bitrate (CBR).
Do you provide the clean music version? 
Yes we provide the clean / radio edit, super clean and we also have the explicit version.
How often do you add new releases?
We add new releases daily.
Can I transfer, burn and or copy the MP3 onto a CD or DVD?
Yes, you can transfer, burn and or copy the MP3 onto a CD or DVD as long as it is used by you only.
Do the MP3′s expire?
No, the MP3′s do not expire. The MP3′s are yours to keep. There is no expiration.
If I cancel my membership to the record pool do I get to keep the MP3 music I downloaded?
Yes, you get to keep the MP3 music that you downloaded.
Do you have Antivirus protection on the They DJ Music Server?
Yes – We use Norton – Antivirus Software With Spyware & Malware Protection – http://us.norton.com.


How do I pay They DJ Music monthly after I have joined?
Option 1. Manually: Pay Each Month On Your Own (payment is due on the 1st of each new month).

Option 2. Automatically: They DJ Music will set you up on an automatic payment subscription.
(this will deduct your payment from your credit / debit card – PayPal account automatically).

I have a DJ company with more than one DJ. Does each DJ need to have their own They DJ Music account?
They DJ Music is for each individual DJ, not per company. Each DJ must have their own They DJ Music account (no file sharing).

Will They DJ Music share my contact information?
We will not share your information – Any information you provide is for They DJ Music purposes only – Confidential.

How do I cancel my account?
Cancellation: You may cancel your membership at any time.
You must cancel your membership before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month’s record pool membership fees (you must give us 2 days notice “48 hours” in advance to cancel).

Please email us to cancel your membership and automatic payment subscription. There are no refunds.


We implemented sophisticated security precautions on our site, You can rest assured that your information will be kept safe


We accept payments via paypal in our checkout. Paypal verified.


Monday - Friday
10:00am to 6:00pm EST