How I found my wedding DJ

June 27, 2014

where to find sweet 16 dj

Any woman wants her wedding to be perfect and I was no different. Organizing my wedding was much harder than I expected and I had full time help. I do not know what other people do, because I felt quite overwhelmed by everything I had to do. After having found the right dress and the right restaurant it came the DJ challenge. I wanted someone who could play a wide variety of music, but all those that my friends had recommended were booked on my big day. I had no idea that finding a wedding DJ could be so difficult. I had to listen to a few samples of their songs and I had to make sure that they had experience with weddings and all this while everyone around me was saying that I will not be able to find someone in time. Come to think about it, they were not very supportive.

But after having searched for what seemed like a million years, I finally managed to hire a wedding DJ who was able to play the music I wanted. I found him on the internet. And even though hiring a DJ for your wedding on the internet might not seem like such a good idea, I was very satisfied with his services. I found him on this social platform dedicated to DJs and people who want to hire them and I was able to listen to some of his mixes and I thought he sounded pretty awesome. He had worked at weddings before and he was able to offer me exactly what I wanted: a great evening where my guests and I could have fun and enjoy every minute of it.

My wedding was really amazing. The wedding DJ pulled through perfectly and my guests had a great time. I would really recommend those who are on a tight schedule and still have not found a DJ for their wedding to have a look online, because it is amazing how many offers there are. You would have to be really unlucky not to find anyone. I found my DJ in a few days. The longest time I spent listening to some mixes and after that I decided I liked three DJs. I contacted them and one of them was free for my wedding day and that was it. I finished this task sooner than I anticipated and everything turned out to be just fine. My wedding was everything I would hope to be and I will remember it with happiness all my life.

All in all, if you want to hire a wedding DJ my advice would be to start looking on specialized websites such as theydj,com. That is what I did and I was able to find an experienced DJ, who offered me excellent services. The music at my wedding was exactly what I wanted and all my guests had a wonderful time. I wanted my wedding day to be perfect and I am glad to say that I really was.


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